Saturday, October 20, 2012

Crafty Times

it's been so very long...
my life has changed in so many ways and I have changed along with it...
but sometimes from pain and tears good things can grow
and so my crafty hands started to create
small things to ease the grief
and make life more beautiful.

I'd like to share my creations here
as most of them become gifts for
beautiful people
I want to keep them here,
safe, just to be able to
see and remember them
or even inspire you to make
similar ones.

for today, I'd like to share a necklace
I made inspired by this great blogger and her tutorial
enjoy and don't be afraid to create!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

de ce sunt oamenii rai?

cum se poate sa oferi cuiva o rautate gratuita
doar pentru ca asa ai chef
pentru ca, probabil, te gandesti numai la tine
nu inveti nimic din moartea celor dragi tie
nu iti pasa ca actiunile tale afecteaza viata unei familii
nu iti pasa decat de bani,
de fiecare leut, euro, centima
pe care o poti stoarce de la unii
care au dot dovada de prea mult bun simt

cum poti minti pe fata atatia oameni?
cum poti face promisiuni nenumarate
incat sa ajungi sa nu te mai creada nimeni

cum poti sa iti bati joc de un contract
de niste oameni plini de speranta
care nu ti-au gresit cu nimic
cand tu esti
cel vinovat
cel mincinos
cel nedrept
cel lenes
cel rau

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

growing up

it's been a long time since i haven't posted anything
but now i feel that something changed
i started growing up
becoming an adult

if I look back one year ago
i was a fresh grad
because i wasn't accepted for internships abroad
disappointed and sometimes depressed

but within one year
many changes came along

moved in with Alex
found a job in a great company
dropped 9 kgs
booked tickets for a true summer holiday
started looking for a life insurance
nodded my head and got engaged
started planning our wedding
filed in the bank for a credit to buy
my "first house"
actually a flat
started thinking of a long term
career plan

i am happy
and i thank God for
all the great things in my life

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crosscheck my 2007 list of resolutions

I'm alive and kicking!

Here you have some pictures from my great 2007!

This is something I wrote on one year ago. Let's see the results!

I am in a fulfilling relationship that last for at least 3 months and I am really happy in and with it. -
I don't know if it's because it was my no.1 resolution but it came true! :)

I have achieved the goals I have set for the year that has just passed and I have already planned my goals for this new year. first part not completely, second one yes!

I graduated university. this is the not completely part...

I have learnt one more foreign language and improved at least one of the ones I already knew. true! spanish and improved in french and english

I have visited at least one new country and I have at least 3 more friends around the world with whom I get in contact constantly. true! Turkey! and I have more than 3 new friends

I talk to my parents at least every two days and we still feel that the best balance is in 3. now, we do speak at least every second day, but not in busier periods. and of course, the best balance is still in 3!

I meet my pissis often and I stay in contact with the Angel's house people. I don't meet my pissis so often but I do talk to the Angel's house people and I do stay there every time I go home!

AB is still my best friend even if we are or we were more than just this. he's my best friend and more than that :)

I go to gym and have a healthy life style. NOOO - shame on me!!! buutt, I'll start this Wednesday! my life style is still AIESEC... you can decide how healthy that is!

I have read at least 10 books in the year that has passed and watched 5 movies that touched me. yes I have but as usual, I don't remember the titles of the movies or the books

I have started my NGO and I am working on making it better and better. no, but soon after this dream was posted, I've discovered this resolution needs to be postponed

I am happy and I smile every morning when I look in the mirror before brushing my teeth!;) I have this kind of mornings! :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Carla Bruni - Le Toi Du Moi

pentru tine, iubirea mea...

what would I do if I wasn't afraid...

I’m afraid
I’m scared
does it mean I dream too high?
does it mean it’s impossible?

I take all my motivation
and courage
from my heart
from my broken soul

why always after a wound
remains a scar?
how can I cover my scars?
is love enough?

Monday, September 10, 2007


cold september full of news

weekend conference with 120 ppl motivated to achieve results
chats on messenger with old friends
one of my best friends started to live a new love
also did probably my best male friend
one of my high-school colleagues got married
another one will have her wedding next summer
andrei and andreea, my example of a successful long distance relationship broke up
my grandpa’ was in the hospital
my mom works after-hours and has 7 projects to finish
my boyfriend will resign from his job and apply for aiesec
ana has stories from greece
tomorrow I’ll have my first real business meeting
this week alex will subscribe me in my extra year in the university
I’ll go to gyor
my dad will send me money
I watch talks on

I decided to choose my attitude in my september, full of news
how is your september?