Wednesday, August 15, 2007

between homes

romania - home
rush night with you
crazy day with my friends and going home
long days visiting relatives
dealing with banks
telling stories
way back to… second home
visit friends and relatives (sibiu and cluj)
hi-tech road to budapest

back here
evenings and dinners with my beloved parents
sharing impressions about hungary
feeling protected and adult
saying good bye and getting to work

waiting in the airport
butterflies in my stomach
left breathless
the happiest week of my life

watching the music fountain on margit island
walking in the old town
walking on the banks of the danube with sand in the shoes
playing with the feet in the water in the city center
having a picnic next to the lake under a tree
admiring the city from the hill
running in the rain
waiting the first night bus over an orange juice in McD
boat sightseeing on the danube
visiting Vienna
sleeping in the train
watching strange movie
eating out
drinking flavoured water
taking random pictures
flying away…

tomorrow I leave for turkey
a new country
the biggest aiesec conference
meeting friends
2 weeks of pure aiesec :)

visited the interesting Istanbul
parts of history that come alive
in pictures, buidings, museums
being sexy just because I'm blonde
different culture
a lot of questions and curiosity
I'll definitely come back
working on GNs (regions of the aiesec world)
meeting old friends
having nice conversations
eating good food :)
living it all!