Tuesday, February 27, 2007

cherish friendship

how many friends can you really have in a lifetime?
how many of them are there for you when you cry? how many understand you when not even you can understand you? how many are one breath close to you even if there thousands of kilometers separating you? how many of them hug you so warm you feel as a supergirl?

how deep does it hurt to loose a friend? and yet how comfortable feels to gain him once again?

how can you know the slight difference from loving a friend as a friend and loving him from another perspective? and when you discover you feel something else, how can you act as if nothing is happening? how can you two get back to what you first had? How can you not wait for his presence or word, how can you not care if something’s happening to him? How can you act indifferent when you are not and nothing to break inside of you?

how can I think I'm standing strong,
yet feel the air beneath my feet?
how can happiness feel so wrong?
how can misery feel so sweet?
how can you let me watch you sleep,
then break my dreams the way you do?
how can I have got in so deep?
why did I fall in love with you?

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