Friday, June 29, 2007

most branded

long and hard day in the office
discussions on clashes of values
hard decisions
good and bad news
a little bit of fun
hungarian lunch

folded clothes on my bed
dear room-mateJ
waiting for a reply
missing a skype conversion
feeling sad

a sweet friend’s request
one more blog added to the list
a funny news
I’m the most branded


pink kisses

thank you guys!:)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

one way communication

what do you think “culture” is?
any opinions?
any questions?

here you have a brief of how a session
can look like here…
now I know it’s not because of English
and it’s not because I’m in CEE
romania is also in CEE
and people talk there

after the lunch break
there were just me and 2 girls in the room
I ask them how was their lunch
they answer
and then they continue their conversation
in Hungarian, of course

should I feel left aside?
should I feel frustrated?

no, I have to be flexible
and accept it’s just a cultural difference

but what about respect?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm beginning to be myself
less masks and more me

it's comfortable to know that
people want to see you and
not the mask you had to create

now I can color my days with smiles
and with girlie pink :))

Thursday, June 7, 2007

un colţ de vamă lângă dunăre

aseara am fost la o alta bye-bye party, pentru o tipa care pleaca in mc in malaezia.
a fost intr-un club in aer liber, undeva langa dunare. de cum am intrat si am auzit muzica rock tare si am vazut oameni dansand liber, fara nicio prejudecata sau restrictie, mi-am adus aminte de vama veche.

e foarte tare clubul si muzica de acolo. o sa ma intorc sa ma dansez. desi nu miroase a mare, bei bere la pahar. si desi nu dansezi pe nisip, te invaluie mirosul ametitorde flori de tei.

am dansat si ma gandeam la tine. m-am uitat la cer si am multumit ca te am chiar daca esti acolo, te am mereu cu mine.

o sa fie o alta vara in care nu ajung la mare. si mi-e dor de mare. mult mai putin decat mi-e dor de tine insa mi-e dor: de vama, de trenul care te duce acolo, de noptile instelate pe plaja, de briza care ma face sa-mi fie racoare, de sunetul valurilor care se sparg la mal, de soarele care-mi arde pielea. nu o sa-mi mai miroasa parul a sare si nici nu o sa mai am talpile zgariate de nisipul zgrunturos… ce pacat!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


the transition is going on
even if my “husband” left already
sometimes I feel that everybody has a guardian angel
in this fight for understanding how to have a good start
for a good year

everybody but me…
somehow, I’m on my own now
and it’s hard and challenging
I have the space to make my own mistakes
even if I’m not allowed to make any mistakes

this weekend I’ll meet my team
I’m curious, excited, eager to know them
it will be a year of work for them and with them
different individuals, each of them special in his/her way
how will we all fit together?

it’s a matter of will, trust, support, motivation and passion;)

I might be...

sweet calm blonde
the most important person in somebody’s life
the room mate that made her see the colors
the bitch that didn’t recruit me
the student different of her group colleagues
a hero and example that things can work out
a friend you can rely on
the weird girl that will always be there
the first girl he said “I love you” to
the MC member with no EB experience
the grand daughter that is always far away
pink girl...

what am I for you, reader of my blog and life?

Friday, June 1, 2007

la multi ani

inca te mai bucuri de o bomboana primita?
inca mai razi daca ti se arata un deget, cand esti vesel?
inca iti mai vine sa sari in sus cand esti fericit?
ti-e pofta de inghetata si nu iti pasa ca faci rosu in gat?
tom si jerry inca iti mai aduc zambete pe fata?
iti place sa fii rasfatat cand esti trist?
si nu ai uitat inca sa te joci?

iti urez la multi ani!
copilul din tine merita din plin aceasta zi!;)