Sunday, June 17, 2007

one way communication

what do you think “culture” is?
any opinions?
any questions?

here you have a brief of how a session
can look like here…
now I know it’s not because of English
and it’s not because I’m in CEE
romania is also in CEE
and people talk there

after the lunch break
there were just me and 2 girls in the room
I ask them how was their lunch
they answer
and then they continue their conversation
in Hungarian, of course

should I feel left aside?
should I feel frustrated?

no, I have to be flexible
and accept it’s just a cultural difference

but what about respect?


Rox Ionitza said...

U know who u are.

Allow urself to be frustrated at times, u have one year ahead, CHANGE is in ur hands, as u see things from the outside;)

Go kick ass!

Iulian said...

Salutari multe si tie, draga Cori!
Observ ca asta e un blog roz...asa ca astept sa ne scrii cat mai multe cuvinte "roz"!

Kamil - half Moroccan, half Polish said...

I definetely know what you feel! I'm experiencing exactly the same! Maybe even worse cause in Morocco they speak mostly Arabic and you cannot find a single word similar to Polish! You sit with them on the table having a lunch. You try to stop them speaking Arabic by starting discussion in English but after they answer your question they keep talking in Arabic. My MCP told me that it's hard for them to start speaking English. But does anyone care that it's hard for me to speak Arabic?

Anonymous said...

now I stay in touch!