Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm going home

I'll spend my summer holiday at home
just a few days

dealing with the bank, university, winter clothes packing
but also meeting my beloved parents,

I'll buy my flight ticket tomorrow :)

I miss a romanian hug
the smell of dust of bucharest
the shadow of ase
the people who run to catch the bus
the traffic lights with stopwatch
the ice coffee from gregory's
my pink room
the asphalt that melts under your feet
the yellow taxis that take you home in the night
the one hour sleep rolling on the shitty highway
the new metro
and having a beer on la motoare

and I will taste them all again in just 2 weeks!
see u there!


Kamil - half Moroccan, half Polish said...

Definetely, Bucharest does have its specific atmosphere and soul as you have described it and as I saw it when I was there 2 years ago.

Enjoy your trip home and take care of people and the city as well because it also has its feelings ;)

Eu - un strain said...

wha happen since you got back there?? missin u!