Monday, July 9, 2007

why I love aiesec

I've just had an interesting conversation with my boyfriend about what aiesec is

and it made me think about what aiesec is for me and why I love it so much that sometimes I hate it with all my heart

it's because it makes you live with passion

it challenges you with every day, every meeting, every task, every conference, every experience you have

it bonds you to fabulous people, each of them weird in their own magnific way

and in the end, it makes you reinvent everything you might ever take for granted

aiesec can be a virus that starts an epidemic of positive change, it can be the pool of sparks that light an internal self-sustainable fire, it can be fashion and beauty or it can be the organisation that creates a butterfly effect to make a difference.

this is for me the beauty of this organization

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Timothy White, AIESEC Baruch said...

Very well put. I ran for LCP recently and quoted this post in my speech!