Monday, September 10, 2007


cold september full of news

weekend conference with 120 ppl motivated to achieve results
chats on messenger with old friends
one of my best friends started to live a new love
also did probably my best male friend
one of my high-school colleagues got married
another one will have her wedding next summer
andrei and andreea, my example of a successful long distance relationship broke up
my grandpa’ was in the hospital
my mom works after-hours and has 7 projects to finish
my boyfriend will resign from his job and apply for aiesec
ana has stories from greece
tomorrow I’ll have my first real business meeting
this week alex will subscribe me in my extra year in the university
I’ll go to gyor
my dad will send me money
I watch talks on

I decided to choose my attitude in my september, full of news
how is your september?


Just me...deee said...

My september..
..soare in privire si zambet pe fiecare dimineata..o plimbare de mana pe bulevardul unirii..un inceput timid, o apropiere naturala..un parfum nou pe perna mea..

Kamil - half Moroccan, half Polish said...

My Sep:
full of new things! new person in my life, new challenges and new plans at work, happiness in my mind, friends around!

all what I want and what I need!